Who we are

How it all started

After getting really ill, and thinking what I could do to regain my strength, I started to ride again after 20 years of not riding, Then I realized what had been missing the 20 years.


The first horse I bought was my Friesian named Eabe. The Friesians were my dream horses since I was small. Unfortunately  he turned out to be a very difficult horse to ride, needing a lot of strength which I didn't have at that time.


So I bought my next horse Dicanto, who is a great dressage horse, very big, but very gentle..... but he too needs a lot of strength to ride.


Through a coincidence  I came to our first two Rocky Mountain Horses. I saw them and immediately fell in love with the breed, which 'til then I didn't even know existed. What I immediately realized was that these horses were the right horses for my restrictions.


Since I had no experience with gaited horses, I brought them to someone who had experience, who has now become a dear friend. Thank you Leonie!  Through her I learnt a lot about the breed and quickly realized this this was the perfect horse uns here at our house. The idea of breeding was born. Through a second coincidence I meet Chrissy wo made it possible for me to have my herd complete. Thank you Chrissy !


I finally found a horse which I could ride no matter if I'm feeling weak or strong. I have days where I have really bad joint pain, but the movements of the Rocky Mountain Horses are so soft on the body that it doesn't restrict me from riding.


Luckily I found my way to this breed; it was probably faith. Otherwise I would have had to give up what I loved the most: horseback riding.


What happened then? We changed our entire concept here at our house, as breeding as a hobby was not included in our original plans...



Our Plans

I have informed myself and spoken with other breeders here and in America to get a foundational knowledge about this breed and how to pass on all the excellent traits a Rocky Mountain Horse should have.


We have moved our stables to a more suitable area where the mares can live together as a herd with a foaling box.


I want to breed as a hobby, having 2 - 3 foals a year and carefully selecting certain traits each parent has, to pass on only the best of both.


This year 2019 we are expecting 2 beautiful foals.