about us

How all started

after becoming very sick and thinking what sport i could do to regain my strength and flexibility , i started riding again after 20 years. then i realized what i have been missing the last 20 years !


the first horse I bought was my friesian Eabe, a Friesian horse was dream horse since childhood. unfortunately eabe became a huge 17.6H powerfull horse, too strong for me at that point in time, who wasn't easy at all. tragically I lost eabe in 2019 trough a colic. he was my heart horse and it's still hard.


Because eabe was too strong for me i bought a superb dressage horse dicanto. dicanto was a horse I could rely on but he was 17.8H and I needed a lot of strength to ride him properly, my strength just would not return.


through luck I come to my first Rocky Mountain horses, i saw them and instantly fell in love with the breed. thank you Heidi for trusting me with Julie and Magic. at that point in time i did not even know this breed existed and realized quickly that this breed was the right horse for my restrictions.


at that point in time I did not have any experience with gaited horses and brought julie and magic to someone with more experience.  Leonie who has now become a dear friend,  thank you for your time and patience with me! Through leonie i learned a lot about the breed and quickly understood that they are the perfect horses for us to keep at home. here the idea of breeding was born, julie came home pregnant from leonie. 


I have finally found the perfect horse for me, which i can ride no matter if i feel strong or weak. there are days i suffer from really bad joint aches, but through the soft and smooth movements of the rocky mountain horse i can ride no matter how i feel.


i had so much luck  to find my way to this awesome breed, maybe it was faith as i was about to give up my dream, riding.


what has changed? we have changed our entire concept here on our farm, breeding was not part of our initial plan.

Our Plans

I have been very busy informing myself. speaking with many other breeders here and in america to expand my knowledge and get a well-founded knowledge about the breed, bloodlines and breeding.


we have centralized all our stables so that the herd can live together.


i will breed as a hobby and breed 2-3 foals a year of very high quality as the stallions and mares have been carefully selected and imported from america to ensure that the best of the breed is passed on to their offspring.


to make my breeding perfect i imported 4 stallions who i believe are a asset to the breed in europe. what's up dock, classic's reign, classic's horatio and sonny's shadow.


I Hope you can feel some of my passion for the mountain horses. if you would like to meet the breed, don't hesitate, you are always welcome to see the horses live to feel how special they are !