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Rocky Mountain Hengst 

MX Wrangler,

Born 14.04.2006

Silver Smokey black


Sire: Maples Fancy 

Dam: MX Honey Bunnie 


Wrangler is a big and solid Stallion. He could also lives with Mares in the field which he has done before.


He is being ridden once in a while to stay in training.



Certified  Kentucky Mountain spotted saddle horse Stute / Zertifiziert

Born 06.07.2018

Northern light's tinker bell

Silver Black spotted 


Tinkerbelle is in training with  Cary Hardiman since 3 months and is now ready to move on to her new Partner with whom she can have many beautiful adventures riding out.


She has a solid build with a nice height like her father MX Wrangler









Kentucky mountain saddle horse Stute

Born. 17.03.2020

Pilgrim's Thalia




Thalias also currently in training with  Cary Hardiman to get started. She learns very quickly and is willing to please. She will be a awsome trail partner.


She has a deep black coat







Rocky Mountain Stute 

Born 22.03.2020

KB Stormy's snowdrop



Drops is also currently getting under saddle with  Cary Hardiman  and is learning everything a horse needs gettting started in a soft an gentle way. She is already  a big mare with a good height but he is still growing. She is strong boned.


All youngsters are given a lot of time to get used to the riders weight.




Rocky Mountain Horse Stute / Zertifiziert

EWF White Feather

geb. 19.06.2019

Dam: Misty Blue

Sire: Ginger, Ridges Toby

Silver Black




Born 06.06.2022.


June will be tall. Her Sire is a Saddlebred and her Dam is half Friesian and half Paso.


She is a very confident and not easy to hype up filly. She will make a super riding horse in a few years.